ALONGSIDE Abergavenny’s very own Elvis impersonator, Keith Davies, who was stepping in as guest editor this week, the Chronicle had a surprise visit from a gang of Germans who just popped in for a picture.

Markus Buudschuh and Silke Beer (left), and Frieder Jansen and Anne-Kathrin Pfrieme are two of 100 teams who have entered into the Knights of The Island adventure rally, and one of their ten missions was to get a photo of themselves and their car in any British newspaper.

The Chronicle of course was happy to oblige our teutonic cousins and take a couple of snaps for posterity.

The fearless foursome are competing what is billed as Britain’s ‘wildest adventure rally’.

Over a course of ten days competitors travel from Dover to Edinburgh. There is no GPS involved and the only criteria is that the car should be 20 years or older.

The rally invites visitors to discover the “soul of Great Britain” and “taste the freedom and adventure this wild island has to offer” as they motor through “the lands of the knights, lords and ladies, and kings and queens.”

All four participants had a whale of a time in Wales, and Markus from Team 79, ‘The Spirit of Linkin Park’ said, “It’s such a breathtaking country. We were told it was gong to be wet and windy all the time but the weather is beautiful. My only gripe so far about the UK is a lot of people on the road seem very angry and don’t seem to have a lot of patience.”

Welcome to Great Britain my friends!