LOCAL speed king Rhys Hardisty has secured an impressive third place in the Isle of Man’s Formula Two Classic TT Race and also won first place in the privateers race.

Following of from a successful season, 27-year-old Rhys was determined to pursue his dream of getting a top three placing at the Manx.

Rhys’s late father, Charles Ian Hardisty died while racing in the Production TT at the 1998 Isle of Man TT, when his son was aged just ten. So obviously the place has a deeply emotional significance for Rhys, who says he is carrying on the legacy of his late father every time he races.

"It’s a legacy thing, a personal voyage. Every kid dreams about what they want to do when they grow up and I always wanted to be Joey Dunlop and win the TT. I’m still a big kid really; I haven’t grown up,” explained Rhys who added that despite losing his father there, “The Isle of Man is my happy place. As soon as I’m on a bike nothing else matters and all my worries are gone. It’s like therapy for me.”

Following on from his debut at the Isle of Man last year, where technical issues stopped him in his track, Rhys was keen to put things right the second time around, and there can no be denying the tenacious speedster has done just that.

As the speed demon succinctly tweeted earlier this week, “You wait all your life for a mountain course trophy then two come along at once.”

Manx Grand Prix Director Jim Hunter was also keen to congratulate Rhys on his performance and tweeted, “Ride of Manx GP fortnight so far: ’Charles’ Rhys Hardisty finishing third in F2 Classic TT.100% respect! Well done! Rhys, your dad would have been so proud to see you on the podium today.”