SPORTS fan Stuart Davies was presented with a TGA Eclipse at the Badminton Horse Trials free prize draw.

Before retirement 21 years ago, Stuart, 72, completed a career spanning more than 30 years working for NatWest Bank.

Originally from Milford Haven, Stuart now lives with his wife, Sian, in Llanvihangel Crucorney and is a passionate follower of rugby and cricket.

As he has restricted mobility and walking difficulties Stuart is not able to attend matches anymore but is still a keen supporter of the Welsh rugby team.

He also has a season ticket for Badminton Horse Trials so visited this year’s recent event and was able to access the vast grounds thanks to a scooter loaned from Event Mobility.

This essential service is supported by TGA Mobility.

Whilst hiring a scooter, Stuart entered the free prize draw to win a compact ‘car boot’ TGA Eclipse…and won!

Stuart said, “We had been thinking of purchasing a mobility scooter for some time therefore you may well imagine my amazement when Simon from Event Mobility phoned me to tell me I had won the TGA Eclipse!

“I am absolutely thrilled and delighted! It will make a huge difference to my life. I have been attending Badminton for more than twenty years, in the early days I was able to walk the course, unfortunately my spinal problems mean my mobility is severely restricted and I am able to walk only a couple of yards with two sticks and it takes a huge effort, I am doing my utmost to stay out of a wheelchair for as long as possible.”

Stuart added, “Since Event Mobility first came to Badminton I have always rented a scooter from them, it has made a huge difference to me being able to enjoy the event and get about. We have got to know Simon and the staff of Event Mobility over the years, they are always a joy and extremely patient. They have immense understanding of my lack of mobility and ensure I get the correct scooter. Most importantly the TGA scooters for hire are of the best quality and this gives you confidence in knowing you have a well maintained and safe vehicle that won’t let you down!

“My wife is particularly delighted with the TGA Eclipse as after a very clear demonstration by Simon; who with Nick, kindly delivered the scooter to our home, she will be able to easily dismantle and lift it into the boot of the car.

“Due to my restricted mobility it will be left to my wife to manage the battery charging and transferring the scooter to and from the boot of the car. This wonderful prize will certainly make a difference to my life, for a start I will be able to drive on my own along the lane to see our much loved four rescue Shetland ponies who are looked after by my wife.”

Stuart concludes, “I’d like to thank TGA for donating this valuable prize to Event Mobility; I am certain that the founder would be incredibly proud of how this charity has grown and helped so many people like myself enjoy events that otherwise would be impossible. It goes without saying that we shall continue to hire from Event Mobility to enable me to get out and about at country events. It is only when you find yourself unable to get about do you realise how valuable a charity such as Event Mobility is – its service makes your life that much more enjoyable.”