Glad to see the new footbridge design for Abergavenny Station is in keeping with the rural charm of the old market town.

I am sure it will blend in nicely with the beautiful existing architecture.

You really can’t fault the warm rustic ambiance of the sharply cut steel framework and that lovely heartwarming cheery dark grey adds that final natural touch to welcome visitors to the town.

I wonder does Monmouthshire Council have a biodiversity policy?

Have they declared a “nature” emergency?

How will this new design fit in to the need to enhance our natural surroundings and encourage the fecundity of nature?

Seriously folks, this design is total monstrosity!

May l suggest that we ask local primary school children to come up with a design with the briefing "please remember William Morris and be empathetic to nature and peoples’ real need for calm and common sense!"

l am sure they will do a better job !

Terry Banfield, Cwmbran.