You may have read that the Labour Monmouthshire County Council has proposed campaigning to bring back tolls on the Severn bridges. Hidden away on page 42 of the ‘Our Local Transport Plan 2024—2029’ document, the Labour council outlined its plans to reinstate tolls, in a bid to “reduce journeys to/from Bristol by private car and subsequently would reduce traffic on the M4 and M48”.   The council does not have the power to do this themselves but is looking to campaign for it. The Welsh Labour Government has just passed legislation which would enable tolls to be put in place on the road network in Wales. Let me be clear: I am absolutely opposed to tolls being brought back. Toll prices peaked at £6.70 for a driver to cross the Severn bridges into Wales, with those in small vans paying £13.40. These tolls were ruinous for commuters and businesses. Thankfully, the Conservative UK Government axed the tolls in 2018 for the reasons I’ve outlined. When I exposed the council’s transport document, Labour councillors then frantically claimed they had no toll plans. But that simply isn’t true. If Labour councillors did not believe in the tolls, then why have they included and supported it in their own document, with a cabinet member even praising the move in a scrutiny committee meeting! An administration would not publish a document containing proposals in great detail that it was unhappy with. The council cannot have it both ways. What’s worse is the council’s Local Transport Plan is being consulted upon only until 5th January 2024 after one of the busiest months of the year - but includes other proposals to deliver ‘modal shift’, including charging employers who provide private parking spaces for their staff - £500 per employee. The move is disastrous because it will damage local businesses, leave people out of pocket and deter tourists from coming to Monmouthshire. For the sake of Monmouthshire’s future, Labour must quickly abandon this plan, which is part of a prolonged assault on drivers. Make sure your voice is heard by visiting the following link: MCC Voluntary LTP (