Jane Dodds is pressing the Welsh Government to step up its efforts to cut child poverty.

The Mid and West Wales MS said at the Senedd that child poverty in Wales has remained “stubbornly high” at around 28 per cent.

The child mortality rate for children in the most deprived groups is 70 per cent higher than for the least deprived children.

Ms Dodds said children living in poverty are four times more likely to develop a mental health problem by the age of 11, and she is pleased to see a child poverty strategy being developed.

She told First Minister Mark Drakeford: “I wondered if the Government might consider a target looking at health inequality and poverty and how we can link the two together and make sure we've got clear targets.”

Mr Drakeford said child health inequality is rooted in broader inequality that children face from the start of their lives and that they see in many aspects of their lives.

He said: “The Government is committed to addressing the impact of those factors in the lives of those children who live in our most deprived communities.”