Three Abergavenny teenagers were struck by a ‘drooping’ power cable after crossing the footbridge at the town’s train station, a report has found.

The Rail Accident Investigation Branch report into the incident on July 28 last year said the cable was ripped free by a passing train, before whipping a group of passengers and causing them minor injuries, laying the blame on the ‘unchecked’ power line.

Georgia Davies, 17, was left with a lump on her head and injuries to her back, and arm, whilst her two friends also suffered injuries.

The report found that train safety workers had not carried out periodic checks on the cable ‘as required.’

"The train dragged the cable and caused it to be pulled from the footbridge until its end broke free from a distribution cabinet,” the report read.

"Once free, the end of the cable struck a group of passengers on the footbridge stairs and caused minor injuries to three of them.

"A member of station staff who was on the platform, close to the footbridge, was nearly struck by the cable.

"The accident also caused damage to cabling running over the footbridge, the station buildings, and a signal at the end of the platform,” it said.

It emerged that the cable was drooping because of a faulty nylon tie failing to hold it in place.

It added: "The RAIB found that the cable had not been inspected periodically as required for electrical installations and the drooping cable was not identified during footbridge inspections.

"It was not reported during routine station safety checks, or after it was drooping below the bottom of the footbridge.

"An underlying cause was that Network Rail had no controls in place for the management of low voltage electrical supply cables that cross operational railway lines via its overline structures."

Network Rail said it had reviewed its safety systems since the incident in summer last year.

A spokeswoman said for the group, said, ”The safety of our passengers and workforce is a key priority and thankfully incidents like this are rare.

"As soon as this incident occurred we immediately launched our own investigation, working with Arriva Trains Wales. Since the incident, we have thoroughly reviewed our safety systems and procedures and have made changes to these where required.

"We have worked closely with the RAIB on this investigation and welcome the findings. We will now carefully review the recommendations made in the report to see if any further action is necessary.”