Tyre-some behaviour from litter yobs

Thursday 3rd March 2022 7:00 am
(Picture from Usk Litter Action/Facebook )

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A litter action group has condemned those responsible for this “disgraceful” pile of used tyres found dumped by the riverside.

The “shocking” fly-tipping was discovered on the bank of the River Usk on Abergavenny Road last week.

And it’s not the only pile of tyres found dumped in the area recently, with some 40 left in a lay-by at nearby Gwehelog, reportedly blocking the estate entrance.

But on a happier note, one volunteer rubbish collector found a £10 note among discarded roadside fast food rubbish, which he has donated to a local food bank.

An Usk Litter Action organiser posted the picture of the riverside tyres and said: “I was just sent these photos by one of our members who saw and reported this disgraceful fly-tipping incident on Abergavenny Road leaving Usk!

“Totally shocking! I know Monmouthshire Council will take it very seriously. Reporting this kind of thing is essential.”

Members of ULA have been out and about this month clearing up roadsides and other litter hotspots in the town and further afield.

An emptied car ashtray of cigarette butts was among their finds, with the group posting a photo and the words: “Thanks for choosing Usk to empty your ashtray.

“Did you know it has been estimated that cigarette filters will take between 500 and 1,000 years to decompose?

“No worries. I picked them up for you. FYI; though your car is nice and tidy now, it still smells awful.


The group added: “Already there are dozens of volunteers in and around Usk who give their own time to pick up litter because they want to make a difference to their town.”

A “superb turn out of 18 people” joined a litter pick in Usk two weeks ago, while fast food rubbish has been collected in Monkswood and near Raglan, where the “happy find” of a £10 note was made.

“If you’re going to chuck your litter out of your car window adding a tenner does help!” the group posted.

Litter collectors can now benefit from a Welsh Government initiative that allows the group to allocate time credits to volunteers, with credits can be used for a range of activities and events.

All people need to do is message ULA on Facebook when they have undertaken an hour of litter picking and add a photo of themselves or the outcome of their labours, to earn a credit.

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