More than 30 students at Monmouth, Usk and Abergavenny Tae Kwon-Do sprung into April by passing their Coloured Belt grading - with 14 getting the highest marks.  

MonUskAber martial arts
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During their exam, before Welsh Coach and World Master Gianni Peros, the pupils demonstrated the new moves they had meticulously learnt, as well as explained their meaning.  

World Master Anthony Farr said:  “Everyone had worked extremely hard for their grading and the age range of the 33 students shows that Tae Kwon-do is an enjoyable hobby for anyone aged 4 and over.  It’s also a great way to get fit and learn how to protect yourself!"   

The marital arts club has classes every week at Abergavenny and Monmouth Leisure Centres, as well as at Usk Memorial Hall.  

For more information contact Master Farr on 07966 222647 or follow on Facebook @MonUskAberTAGB.