A member of the Senedd has urged the people of Wales to get behind the RSPCA’s ‘Bang out of order’ campaign.

Ahead of this week’s Bonfire Night, Peter Fox, MS for Monmouth, has today spoken in the Senedd in support of the RSPCA’s ‘Bang out of order’ campaign, which calls for the public to take responsible actions to reduce the number of animal welfare complaints this firework season.

According to RSPCA statistics, 62% of dog and 54% of cat owners say their pets become distressed during the fireworks season, with the charity receiving around 400 calls per year on this issue,

Mr Fox, who is also a farmer, said:

“The RSPCA’s campaign includes a number of concrete steps—including persuading people to both purchase quieter fireworks as well as ensuring neighbours are aware of any private firework events—to combat animal distress during this season.

“As a farmer, I have witnessed how my own animals have become distressed and startled by the loud bangs generated by fireworks.

“Given we are a proud nation of animal lovers, I encourage you all to back this important campaign and undertake responsible actions this Bonfire Night.”