A 200-metre-long banner bearing the handwritten names of 15,000 people killed in Gaza was carried through Abergavenny on Saturday to remember the dead and remind people that behind every statistic is a human life.

The banner was held by 100 volunteers and carried from St John’s Square, through Nevill Street, across High Street, into Cross Street, along the Angel Pitch, and Castle Street and back to St. John’s Square.

Abergavenny and District Palestine Solidarity Campaign Honorary President Betty Hunter told the Chronicle, “It was a very moving, solemn, and somber occasion. As we marched it was very quiet except for people chanting softly, ‘Let Gaza live’ and ‘Free Palestine.’”

Betty added, “In St John’s Square we stood on all sides as a Palestine doctor marked the beginning of the vigil with a short but extremely poignant speech about how people are not just numbers and every life matters. And a Palestinian mother of four who now lives in Abergavenny ended the vigil with a very touching poem. In between, various other speakers expressed their grief and sense of hopelessness at the situation in Gaza.”

Abergavenny and District Palestine Solidarity Campaign member Anne Haggard told the Chronicle, “The banner was created in Bristol in the shadow of Bristol Cathedral and was also displayed outside the Senedd in Cardiff in March.

“Saturday’s event was a powerful act of remembrance and an impactful and peaceful vigil.”

Betty added, “There was a positive and kind reception from everyone in Abergavenny, and it was particularly pleasing to see people from all walks of life, of all ages, and from all faiths come together in support of the Palestinian people.”