Companies are invited to take part in a trial of new, next-generation vehicle to grid (V2G) electric vehicle (EV) workplace charging technology which offers the opportunity to lower carbon emissions and reduce energy costs.

Trial participants will be provided with a free V2G EV charger which can be kept after the end of the project. V2G technology enables EVs to be charged at times when electricity costs are low, and then put energy back into the grid, or into a building or even another EV, when electricity costs are higher.

The project is being led by Hangar 19, in partnership with DriveElectric and CrowdCharge. DriveElectric is an electric vehicle leasing company that has been helping organisations and individuals to adopt EVs to save money, lower emissions and transition to low carbon energy since 2008. CrowdCharge, a unique AI-powered technology with patented optimisation tools, helps to unlock maximum value from V2X services across individual vehicles to fleets and workplace ecosystems, enabling them to better predict and manage usage, save money and carbon.

This is one of the first V2G trials in the UK to use AC charging with the latest generation of EVs featuring ‘vehicle to load’ technology; most previous V2G trials used Nissan and Mitsubishi vehicles with CHAdeMO DC charging technology. Trial participants need at least two electric vehicles on their fleet which feature vehicle to load technology from the brands of Genesis, Hyundai, Kia or MG.

Businesses will be provided with a free 7kW AC bidirectional charger with two sockets and a software package to optimise the charging, worth in total over £5,750. Participants can keep the charger after the trial but will have to pay for the installation of the charger and for continued use of the software after the end of the trial.

Mike Potter, CEO of CrowdCharge and DriveElectric, says: “The UK has a huge and largely untapped battery storage capability in the form of over one million electric vehicles that spend most of their time parked up. Using this resource can help reduce the load on electricity networks at peak times, as well as lowering costs and carbon. This project will trial how the latest EVs can be used as mini power plants to benefit businesses, electricity operators and the country as a whole.”

Recruiting is already underway for the V2VNY trial which commences in September 2024 . For more information please visit: