The new name for Henry VIII Comprehensive School has been announced, following a consultation with parents and pupils.

Today, Monmouthshire County Council confirmed that Monmouthshire’s first all-through school will be named King Henry VIII 3-19.

A Monmouthshire County Council spokesperson said: “At Full Council yesterday, councillors agreed that the school name will be King Henry VIII 3-19 School. The decision was made following a poll undertaken in conjunction with Abergavenny Town Council with views of pupils of both Deri View and King Henry VIII schools and the Abergavenny community being sought. The poll indicated that an overwhelming majority wanted the name King Henry VIII to remain and councillors agreed with this.”

The two week consultation was launched on Monday 28 November and invited people to choose between three options for the name of the the school which is set to open in 2024. These included: King Henry VIII 3-19 School, Deri View 3-19 School and The Abergavenny Learning Centre.

Being developed through the Sustainable Communities for Learning Programme, which is a One Wales commitment and a collaboration with Welsh Government, the school will be built on the existing King Henry VIII Secondary School site and combine the school with Deri View Primary to create Monmouthshire’s first all-through school.

This decision is likely to bring much relief to residents as there was great concern over Abergavenny’s 580 year old school potentially losing its identity. The historic school has survived a number of reorganisation in the past and retained its name.