It's pancake day, and for most of us the enjoyment of filling our boots with pancakes for dinner is exciting. However, has recently run a survey across 2,500 Brits that shows two shocking things... 54% of Brits don't like pancakes

43% prefer American style pancakes

Most of those that said they don't like pancakes come from the south of the country, while the north comes out in favour of the tasty teatime treat.

In other shocking pancake related news, research carried out by photoGuard has revealed that while around 50 per cent of the British population participates in Pancake Day every year the majority of Brits just see it as an excuse to eat pancakes.

An astounding 52 million eggs are cracked on the day across the UK. However, when people get asked why they eat pancakes on Pancake Day, most of them have absolutely no idea. Have you ever thought about why we celebrate Pancake Day?

Pancake Day, also known as Pancake Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday, is the last day before the start of Lent. Lent starts with Ash Wednesday and lasts 40 days (excluding Sundays) leading up to Easter. That’s why the date of Shrove Tuesday is different every year. During Lent, practising Christians take part in fasting and they are forbidden to consume fatty foods and ingredients. Originally Shrove Tuesday was the last day where you can use up all fatty ingredients in your fridge, which all play part in a perfect pancake mix. So, what better way to use those up than a pancake feast?

As teatime approaches we'd love to see you pancake pictures and thanks to the experts at photoGuard we have some top tips to share about how to get the very best pictures of your pancake stacks

Snapping your perfect pancakes

Top tips from the experts

1) You don’t need to be chef to take great pictures of your food and it doesn’t matter if some of your pancakes aren’t quite as easy on the eye as others. Stack your pancakes from top to bottom, with the most golden brown pancake taking top spot.

2) If you’re making stacks of delicious fluffy pancakes, then these can get quite unstable the higher you stack them. Pop a toothpick in them to help keep them sturdy and honey to help stick any fruit on top.

3) To help give your pancakes a bit of volume and to make them look even fluffier, you can cut small cardboard discs and place them in between each pancake!

4) Use a neutral-coloured backdrop or tablecloth so that you can really make your pancakes the forefront of your image.

5) Create your scene! Pour out a glass of juice or a mug of coffee, pop a bowl of fruit in the background and make it as appetising as possible.

6) There’s so many tasty toppings that you can put on your pancakes! Whether that’s lemon and sugar, golden syrup or chocolate spread, we won’t tell you which one tastes best, but some toppings do look better than others. The thickness of honey means that it reflects light better than syrup and looks fantastic on camera. Why not get an action shot as you drizzle the honey over the top of your pancakes?

7) Experiment with your shutter speed and aperture to get the best shot of your pancakes. Remember that a narrow aperture will give you a very deep depth of field which will make objects in the background very sharp. Play around and experiment with your shutter speed to get a nice crisp picture of your pancakes.