Over recent months following the success of it’s Young Chef competition, Crickhowell Rotary club organised two further educational competitions at the Crickhowell High School. The ‘Youth Speaks’ encourages young people to debate topics that are of current topical interest.

The ‘Young Interviewer’ provides a wonderful opportunity for pupils to practise their interviewing skills on adults. The aim being to equip pupils with an appreciation of how the interview process should work and how to prepare for job interviews.

In the Young Interviewer, Bishop of Swansea and Brecon, The Right Reverend John DP Lomas played the part of one of the interviewees. Commenting afterward Bishop John said “One couldn’t fail to be impressed by the pupils and staff who brought together the classroom sessions.

In interviewing various members from the surrounding community, the confidence of the interviewers and thoughtfulness and quality of the questions asked, showed that this whole session must be part of a very healthy greater learning process that engages pupils with their community and the world beyond in such a positive and curious way.

All those who interviewed me, showed a maturity of thought and a clarity of questioning I really did not expect to encounter in such an age group. I was hugely encouraged by the experience. Well prepared, well executed, well done Crickhowell High School!”

Brian Brookshaw, Crickhowell Rotary Club’s Youth team leader added “All participants had prepared well for the competition and asked very searching and in depth questions of Bishop John which made judging very difficult. They did not seem over awed by the task and in the event we had joint winners”.

This competition, unlike other Rotary youth competitions, currently operates only at the local level. Given the enormous value to pupil confidence gained through presentation of ideas and sensible debate Crickhowell Rotary Club is urging it’s area and district organisation to promote this event more widely within Rotary.

There were five participants. The joint winners were Emily Garnault and Maria Moruz.

In The Youth Speaks Competition there were 14 participants. 2 teams of 3 and 2 teams of 4. There were varied subjects but the winning team’s motion was ‘Assisted Dying’.

Teams have a chairperson, a proposer and an opposer. The chair introduces the team and the subject to be debated. The winning team was, Eliza Hamilton who also won best proposer, Isabelle Dwyer who also won joint best chair and Isabella Miles the opposer. Other winners were, Tom Vierrege, joint best chair and Emily Sixtus for best opposer. The winning team went on to the area final in Abertillery. 

Mr Brookshaw added “If any parents or members of the Crickhowell community or would like to get more involved in the Youth Activities of Crickhowell Rotary Club they should contact President Kevin Phillips directly on: 01873 812895 or by email: [email protected]