This morning in Abergavenny, expect a cool start to the day with temperatures hovering around 7°C.

There's no chance of rain, so it will be a dry start to the day.

Moving into the afternoon, temperatures will rise a bit to a comfortable 9°C.

Again, there's no need to worry about rain, as it will remain dry throughout the day.

Looking ahead to tomorrow morning, conditions will be similar to today with a cool 7°C temperature.

The afternoon will be slightly warmer than today, with temperatures reaching up to 10°C.

Just like today, there will be no rain to speak of.

As for the general trend over the next few days, temperatures will remain consistent, with a steady 7°C predicted.

There will be some scattered showers, but nothing too heavy to worry about.

So, overall, you can expect cool and dry conditions for the most part with some scattered showers over the next few days.

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