Plans for a viewing platform and launch platform for hang-gliders on the slopes of the Blorenge have been submitted to the National Park. 

If given the green light, the plans would see a 50m glass platform built into the face of the mountain allowing hang gliders  to launch more safely from its summit. 

The platform would also include a viewing area from which visitors could get spectacular views over Llanfoist, Abergavenny and the Castle Meadows.  

The platform is based on the  Grand Canyon Skywalk in Colorado in the United Stares and expected to cost in excess of £60 million to construct, with the reinforced glass platform being specially imported from America. 

Experts from the Colorado project are expected to fly over to Abergavenny in the coming weeks to consult on the project, which will sit not only in the National Park but also within the Blaenavon World Heritage site. 

If it gets the go ahead the platform will be the first of its kind in the UK and is predicted to bring hundreds of thousands of tourists to the area. 

To cope with the increased pressure plans have been submitted for an underground car park which will make use of former mine workings near the Keepers Pond. 

A spokesman for planning consultants the OneFour Partnership said the scheme could bring millions into the local economy and revolutionise leisure use of the Blorenge. 

“ In recent years the side of the Blorenge has become one of the best places in Wales to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights and we plan to make the central part of the viewing platform from light reflecting glass which will enhance the view of the Aurora Borealis,” said a spokesman. 

The visitors centre adjacent to the platform is set to include a cafe, toilets and sauna complex. 

“We envisage this being the centre of destination tourism in this part of Wales,” said Avril Uno of the OneFour Partnership. 

“Where else can people enjoy a sauna and cold water swimming in the Keepers Pond before catching an amazing glimpse of the Northern Lights shimmering over Abergavenny. “

If the initial plans gain planning consent stage two of the development will see a cable car starting in Govilon giving access to the top of the Blorenge to ease traffic pressure on the Fiddler’s Elbow.