OLD Monmothian middleweight ballet dancer-turned-boxer Liam O’Hare is gearing up for a Midlands title fight against Jack Hutsby on Saturday, November 11, at Arleston Hall in Derby.

Tickets are already selling wel and for those eager to witness the bout, individual tickets are priced at £50, while a table for ten can be secured for £500.

The deadline for ticket purchases is November 5.

“To everyone who buys a ticket, I really couldn’t do it without you! Love and respect to you all,” Liam said.

The event has been backed by companies such as furniture.co.uk, Muscle Mechanic Sports Massage, The Beefy Boys, Elite Performance, and individual sponsor Bryan Higgs.

Liam, currently based in Hereford, extended special thanks to furniture.co.uk, saying: “I must express my gratitude to furniture.co.uk for their insane level of support! Without which I doubt very much so I’d still be able to box.”

Having once battled addiction, homelessness and unemployment, he attributes his turnaround to the sport.

“Boxing provided me the focus I needed,” he said.

“To those who doubted me, thank you for the drive to prove you wrong. And for those who stood by me, especially my brother Paul, my gratitude is immeasurable.”

For more information and tickets go to www.facebook.com/liam.ohare.794