Raglan Parc’s Golf Club official start of the new season was delayed due to the inclement weather, but sunshine blessed the delayed Captains’ Drive-in.

The theme for the event was ‘flying’, and to prove that not just great minds think alike, the new Captains, Kath Morgan (Ladies), Nick Smith (Seniors) and Tom Rigby (Club), each chose to come as Biggles.

There was a variety of fancy dress to admire, or be shocked by, the winner being Jackie Hayes who appeared as a Welsh Dragon. (Strictly out of character, of course.)

The Captains had the honour to drive off the white tees, and there were a couple of explosive drives. Indeed, the Seniors’ Captain made what would have been an impressive drive, had it been on the correct fairway. Luckily, his attempt to strike the lady Captain failed, and his shot was diverted by her bag. Next year spectators will stand behind the Captains, not alongside!

An enjoyable time was had by all, and as well as dazzling outfits there was some dazzling golf, with Alan Edwards winning the men’s competition with 39 points.

The Ladies’ competition was won by Jackie Hayes, with 31, and she was the only one to score a two on the day, despite her wings.