IF you shopped in Abergavenny Tesco Metro early in the New Year, you might have noticed some members of Abergavenny Hockey Club on hand to help you pack your shopping.

The kind donations made in return are much appreciated by the club who have invested in a number of protective gloves for the younger players to loan on training nights and match days. Hand protection is often overlooked, but with hands and fingers often suffering bumps and bruises, such items are invaluable.

Club Treasurer Kevin Phillips explained, “Our clear objective is to make hockey as cheap and as attractive as possible; we make the equipment necessary to play our sport, available to loan to our players. It is through the efforts of a wide variety of club members to help raise funds for the club, that we can achieve this. The money from the bag packing day in Tesco was used to allow each junior coach to have a set of gloves available for their section.

“The gloves will always be loaned and returned by the players at the end of each session thus we can preserve the investment within the club. We’d like to thank Tesco for allowing us this opportunity and also the customers who made this all possible."

Pictured are some of the players from the junior sections of the club showing the gloves in use on a training night.

Junior training continues with the end of May and the club particularly urges senior players thinking of starting or returning to the game, to keep their eye on the website www.abergavennyhockey.co.uk and the Facebook page facebook.com/abergavennyhockey for news of upcoming fun events targeted specifically at increasing the numbers of men and ladies playing at the club.