New research released today has revealed that homeowners would pay an average of £70,000 for a house with a “dream” view. 

The research, from digital-first estate agent Purplebricks, revealed that four in every five people (82 per cent) would pay more for their ideal view from a home. 

On average, buyers would pay £72,961 for their dream view, but more than one in ten said that they would pay more than £200,000. 

However, 18 per cent of respondents said that they wouldn’t spend extra money on a property because of its views. 

The survey also looked at which views were the most appealing to Brits, with the sea coming out on top at 27 per cent. 

The second most sought-after views were of fields, with 17 per cent saying this would be their dream view, while 15 per cent said they wanted to be able to see the beach. 

Ten per cent said that their dream view was of mountains, followed by views over a town or city (eight per cent), trees (seven per cent) and a park (five per cent). 

Courtney, Chief Sales Officer at Purplebricks, said: “The price of a home isn’t just about the bricks and mortar, but what you can see when you look out of the window.

“It goes to show just how special the tranquillity of fields, or the ability to enjoy the crashing of the waves in the sea from your back garden. A perfect view is such a personal thing, only an individual can dictate how much it is worth to them – and in some cases it seems to be worth a lot.

“But that view can’t just be available from the bedroom window. If you have a stunning view hidden behind some tall fencing or hedges, it could be worth investing in trimming the hedges or lowering the fencing to show off that view from the rest of the property, because it could make you quite a bit of extra cash.”