IN the long running saga about the closure of Tudor St Day Service for people with learning disabilities, the report commissioned by Monmouthshire County Council makes for sobering reading and includes the statement:

“Our review found a lot of concern amongst participants, families and employees, as well as uncertainty and a lack of clear direction. The decline in participant numbers appears to be matched by a loss of opportunities and ambition. Participants and their families have been affected badly by this drift and the ongoing closure of buildings. Staff are looking for leadership and a renewed commitment from the council.”

Future council meetings are planned, presumably debates continue. An informal visit to Tudor St by councillors seemed to suggest that the building is in fact in pretty good shape.

Meantime the building remains shut as it has done since the pandemic.

What’s needed?

Urgency, leadership, meaningful partnership working and clear signals that people with learning disabilities and their families are at the heart of decision making.

- David Abbott