In relation to last week’s aticle about dog mess on putch at Mardy, I whole heartedly agree that dogowners are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs ( cat owners appear to be free of this chore) but I take issue with Community Councillor Clive Harry’s assertions in the article that vandalised fences surrounding the pitch have been to benefit dog owners.

 If Mr Harry would visit the park he would see that the majority of damage is at the rear of the goals this being the area that users climb over rather than use the gates to retrieve balls and when one gate is broken and has been for years in the open position, it hardly benefits anyone to break a fence to let a dog in. 

The area designated for junior training gets so waterlogged following rain it would turn to a sea of mud should it be so used, the whole of the park (except for the football pitch) looks so unkempt and dishevelled that other than a few childen using the junior park very few people utilise it, the signage in the park has been vandalised for a long time and the signage on the main gate has been missing for years.

Perhaps before pontificating on the reasons Mr Harry believes  in he should visit the park and speak to the users, as I use the park most days and have done so for 30years or more and have never been approached by a councillor yet

Richard Griffiths