Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies MS has thanked Rishi Sunak and wished him and his family the best as he left Downing Street for the last time thids morning

 “I’d like to wish Rishi Sunak and his family the very best as he leaves Downing Street, and the same to Keir Starmer as he takes over as our Prime Minister.

 “Our great country deserves effective leadership, and I say with utmost sincerity that I hope he succeeds.

 “Britain wins if he does.”

As he left Downing Street for the last time Mr Sunak confirmed his resignation as both Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative party and apologised to the country saying  he had heard voters’ “anger and disappointment” and desire for change.

Speaking outside 10 Downing Street after a disastrous night for the Conservative party, Sunak confirmed his resignation as prime minister and said: “To the country I would like to say first and foremost, I am sorry.

“I have given this job my all, but you have sent a clear signal that the government of the United Kingdom must change. And yours is the only judgment that matters.

“I have heard your anger, your disappointment, and I take responsibility for this loss.”

Mr Sunak also congratulated Sir Keir Starmer on Labour’s resounding victory, saying: “In this job his successes will be all our successes and I wish him and his family well. Whatever our disagreements in this campaign he is a decent, public-spirited man who I respect.

“He and his family deserve the very best of our understanding as they make the huge transition to their new lives behind this door.”

Mr Sunak then travelled to Buckingham Palace for his final audience with the king before Sir Keir Starmer formally becomes prime minister.