LLANTILIO Pertholey Community Council, which owns the village hall, has received a plea from its management for more local volunteers to join them.

"We need help," said a hall committee spokesman, "both to maintain our current programme, and especially to help develop the range of activities and events which we believe residents are looking for. We also want the input of new thinking and ideas, so those joining the

committee now could expect to have a real influence, and make a real difference".

Any residents living in or near Mardy and who would like to take part or to know more about what might be involved should discuss possibilities with Mrs Marion Tucker, Chair of the Hall Management Committee, or its Treasurer, Cllr. Phil Jones (contact details for both are available at the Hall).

The Community Hall's 25th anniversary was celebrated recently, and already, the council is looking at plans for the next quarter-century. Councillor David Spencer, chairman of the council, explained that possible redevelopment of the building is under active consideration, part of the intention being to create more space in the hall for community use.

"We have had proposals for a number of activities including a community cinema, afternoon social gatherings, and perhaps the development of a local cyber-café," he said.

"Both the Hall Committee and the Community Council as a whole are very keen to involve young people in the area and really believe that their input at this developmental stage is particularly important. But I have to echo the Hall Management Committee's main message that any plans we might have for the future will be severely limited with-

out an extension of local participation."

The council also had one of its regular, and very valuable, discussions with the police and learnt that the Hereford Road has been designated a "red site" in terms of closer traffic surveillance, a move much welcomed by councillors.

Council has also decided to progress its plans to provide special bins for the disposal of dog-waste. Local councillors have been well aware of the concern and distress this nuisance poses for very many Llantilio Pertholey residents and hope that the provision of proper receptacles will make a real difference, both for dog-owners and for other members of the community.