HERE’S a sheep with plenty to say, but unless someone can speak livestock we’ll never know exactly what it’s bleating on about.

Neither do we know how it got on that wall. It doesn’t look like it knows how to get down either, but rest assured, once its rant was over it did, and safely.

The video of the sheep was sent in by a Chronicle reader who was having a wander around Tretower Court yesterday when the spectacle of a wooly wanderer perched on a nearby farm wall caught their wandering eye.

To save their blushes, the budding filmmaker wishes to remain anonymous, but they did tell the Chronicle, “We were wandering towards that castle part of Tretower when we noticed a sheep seemingly stuck on a wall and making a lot of noise. We took a short stroll over to investigate but didn’t want to get too close in case we spooked it. When hubby took his camera out it got really vocal and at one point started stomping its foot in what looked like rage, so he stopped filming.

“Then, to our surprise, the sheep simply leaped off the wall and headed towards the castle. Just opposite there were loads of other sheep in a barn and it started bleating furiously at them, but they all sort of ignored it, so we thought we would too. It looked safe enough and I’m sure the farmer was aware of what was going on. Besides which it was getting cold and we needed to head home for tea. I was cooking roast lamb funnily enough.”

The question remains, was the sheep simply in distress at having unwittingly found itself on a high wall after an aimless wander? Or did it seek a high vantage point to attempt to initiate an Animal Farm-style rebellion and encourage the other sheep to throw off the shackles of servitude and head to pastures new?

Or just maybe, it was adding its voice to the many calling for a scrap on the Welsh Government’s Sustainable Farming Scheme Proposals which will see Welsh livestock numbers slashed significantly and result in a country where the sight of a sheep on a wall becomes a lot less common.

Not that’s something to bleat furiously about!