UPDATE: A spokesman for Wales Air Ambulance has confirmed that the service attended an incident in Abergavenny earlier today.

"I can confirm that the Wales Air Ambulance attended an incident in the Abergavenny area this morning (Monday 9 January). A crew from Cardiff and Dafen were allocated at 10.30am and arrived at the scene at 10.53am. Unfortunately, we do not have any further information at this time," she said.

UPDATE: Both air ambulances have now left the scene. It is understood that a patient has received treatment on board.

The sight of two air ambulances which have landed in a field near Deri View School is causing a stir among local residents in Abergavenny.

The first helicopter landed shortly before 11am and was joined by a second chopper and an ambulance at around 11.30

The Ambulance Service has been contacted and this is an ongoing story which will be updated as further information arrives.