Volunteer group, Friends of Bailey Park, have sent their condolences to the family of local man Stephen Atkinson, who passed away recently.

Stephen was a regular visitor to Bailey Park, and at his funeral donations were made towards the Park and Friends of Bailey Park, which the group were very thankful for.

In a statement released to the Chronicle, Friends of Bailey Park said: “The Friends of Bailey Park were deeply touched to receive a very generous donation from the family and friends of Stephen ‘Spike’ Atkinson, following his recent funeral at St Mary’s Priory Church.

‘‘Stephen loved visiting the Park with his children, and then later in life with his grandchildren.

‘‘We hope that the Friends will be able to find a way in which we may honour his memory within Bailey Park, and we thank his family most sincerely in helping us to continue with our volunteering.

‘‘We offer our deepest condolences to the whole family at such a difficult time.”