YET another supermarket trolley has been spotted loitering with intent in Abergavenny and intimidating the locals.

It’s no secret that the ‘Gateway to Wales’ has had a long and troublesome history with gangs of supermarket trolleys who seem hell-bent on tainting the town’s beauty spots with their noisy and anti-social behaviour.

Only last week one was spotted down Castle Meadows lying on its side, presumably intoxicated, and getting its kicks by lashing out and tripping up unsuspecting passers by.

The latest incident involving these trolleys was reported on Friday afternoon, when a keen amateur photographer attempted to visit Linda Vista Gardens, hoping to snap some pics of any scurrying squirrels or stray storks.

The aspiring lensman told the Chronicle, “Usually I spend my Fridays taking a lot of pics of the surrounding hills from my bedroom window, because they perform well on Facebook, especially if you caption them with ‘Blessed!’ Or ‘How lucky how we?’

The plucky amateur added, “However, because of the growing blight of vandalism in Abergavenny and the surrounding area I was hoping they’d be a ruined rose bush or pile of discarded lager cans in Linda Vista Gardens I could snap. Those sort of pics can generate the sort of likes that are off the scale.”

Sadly, for mother nature’s paparazzi, his foray into Linda Vista was cut short when he came face to face with the steely glare of a surly trolley hanging about the entrance.

The man with the camera added, “As usual the trolley didn’t say anything to me but I could tell by the way it was hanging around it meant me considerable harm. There was no way I was going to set foot into Linda Vista after coming face to face with that sort of tangible threat. It’s such a shame that a lovely town like Aber is being plagued incessantly by these hostile and aggressive trolleys.

“I don’t buy into the argument that they’ve got nowhere else to go and they mean no harm. The town’s trolley problem is off the scale. It’s high time something was done. Why can’t they get a job at the local supermarket or something? Failing that we could always bring back national service!”