IN RESPONSE to anonymous the Abergavenny Town

Council in conjunction with Llantilio Pertholey Community

Council (who are acting as the lead council in this matter)

have been considering the purchase of dog mess bins.

Every councillor has made a bid to its council for bins in

their ward. I have requested five bins for Castle Meadows,

which is mainly in my ward of Grofield. To supply and site

each bin will cost about £200 each, Castle Meadows is not

the only area where dog mess is a problem and my fellow

councillors have also asked for bin in other areas of the


The county council will not be emptying the bins this will

be done by a different contractor who will need to dispose

of the mess at a specialist facility. The cost of this will be

£156 per annum per bin. The overall cost will run into

many thousands of pounds but if it make the town

cleaner and safer all of us will be pleased that this positive

move will enhance the environment and in particular

Castle Meadows.

The foregoing is a sign of the times where the town

council is making a positive contribution towards the

upkeep of our community and assisting the county

council to meet its obligations to Abergavenny. The

market hall is being -re-roofed, the floor is to be re-laid,

heating installed and new doors fixed to eliminate the

draughts total cost in the region of £500,000 the town

council are contributing £120,000 over a three year

period to the overall cost.

I trust anonymous will be pleased that his town

councillors are expressing their concerns in such a

positive way.

Councillor Douglas Edwards

Grofield Ward