IT WAS back to school bright and early on Monday morning for Abergavenny’s town mayor, Councillor Anne Wilde, and principal officer Sandra Rosser who were welcomed to Cantref Primary School; their aim - to ignite young minds and provide Year 5 students with an insightful glimpse into the roles of a Mayor and Councillor.

Cllr. Wilde, a passionate advocate for community engagement, shared her journey into public service and the motivations that led her to become a Councillor.

Following this, the students then got the rare opportunity of donning the majestic civic robes that are traditionally worn during significant town events, such as the Remembrance Parade.

They were also introduced to the ceremonial mace, a symbol of authority at these solemn gatherings.

The highlight of the day, however, was a simulated ‘council meeting,’ orchestrated by Cllr Wilde herself. Students were presented with three compelling scenarios, offering them a taste of how real council meetings transpire and decisions are made.

Cllr Wilde was impressed by the students’ enthusiasm and their ability to grasp the core principles of a council meeting, commenting: “The children demonstrated exceptional understanding of the meeting dynamics and the art of making decisions in the best interest of Abergavenny.

“We may have uncovered potential town councillors of the future among them!”

Abergavenny Town Council shared their pride in supporting educational initiatives that empower young minds and foster civic engagement; branding the visit to Cantref Primary School as “an inspiring opportunity” to encourage the leaders of tomorrow and deepen the connection between our community’s youth and local government.