AN ABERYSTWYTH shopkeeper was said this week to have more CCTV security cameras in his fishing-tackle store than were fitted in the town's police-station. John Morris said he hoped the message would deter would-be shoplifters. His warning came after an Aberystwyth man was fined £150 after he admitted stealing two boxes of spinners - each priced at £7 - from Mr Morris's Travel Bag and Fishing Tackle Shop in Terrace Road. Sean William Parry, 38, of Flat 1 Bryn yr Eglw-ys, Gray's Inn Road, aroused Mr Morris's suspicion when he inspected spinners but left the shop without buying anything, Jeff Thomas, prosecuting, told Aberystwyth magistrates. When Mr Morris checked his CCTV he found footage showing Mr Parry putting boxes of spin-ners up his sleeve (see picture above). Parry told the court: "This was my first theft offence and I do regret it." He was also ordered to pay £60 towards costs. Mr Morris said: "I hope the fact that Mr Parry was caught on my CCTV will be a deterrent to others. The police told him my shop had more cameras installed than in the police-station!"