STAYING strong and united in the face of adversity has been at the forefront of everyone’s minds in this awful year and Remembrance Day 2020 will be commemorated with added poignancy as a result.

Abergavenny’s A4B - Acting for the Borough Theatre support group - are planning a ‘Virtual Remembrance Day’ by compiling a video and are seeking memories and photographs from local people whose parents or grandparents were involved in the 20th century’s great conflicts.

The Group are seeking pictures of those who served in the armed forces and also on the home front. What did Aber look like in those dark and uncertain years - and what can the courage and resilience of the people then teach us now as we face our own uncertainties?

A4B chair, Liz Davies said: ’’The Borough Theatre played an important role in keeping the people of Abergavenny entertained during the war years and with many Remembrance Parades cancelled this year we thought it was an opportunity to pay our own tribute to those who have lost their lives during conflicts through the years with a ’virtual remembrance parade’.

’’We’d love to see pictures of people who have served during any conflict either as they were then, or as they are now, or even both. I know how important Remembrance Day was to my own grandfather, so this is a chance to pay tribute even in a time of lockdown.’’

Send your pictures, recollections and clips to [email protected] by November 6.