Monmouthshire County Council is delighted to congratulate three Monmouthshire colleagues who have been named on the Future Generations Changemakers 100 list. Cabinet Member for Equalities and Engagement, Cllr Catherine Fookes, Chief Executive, Paul Matthews and Sustainability Policy Officer, Hazel Clatworthy have all been praised for their work in making Wales a better place for the future.

As nominated by Future Generations Commissioner, Sophie Howe, the Future Generations Changemakers list acknowledges extraordinary people from across Wales who are making the vision of the Well-being of Future Generations Act a reality and inspiring people across Wales to act today for a better tomorrow.

Organisations, large and small, community groups and individuals are part of this movement for change and are helping to create a Wales that is healthier, more equal, environmentally-resilient, globally responsible, prosperous, with cohesive communities and vibrant culture and thriving Welsh language.

Cllr. Catherine Fookes who is also the Director of the Women’s Equality Network (WEN), alongside her responsibility as Monmouthshire’s Cabinet Member for Equalities and Engagement was recognised for launching a mentoring scheme supporting women to move into leadership. Catherine has also been a campaigner on the environment at Sustain - the Alliance for Better Food and Farming and Action Aid.

Cllr Catherine Fookes, said: “I am proud and honoured to be on the prestigious Changemakers 100 List as CEO of WEN Wales. It goes to the heart of why I am a campaigner and a local councillor campaigning for change in my community as I want to change things for the better. At WEN Wales our mentoring programme and our campaigns on equal representation in the Senedd and in local government have made a real impact.”

In her acknowledgment, Sophie Howe described Paul Matthews as: “An inspirational and progressive chief executive, who is pivotal in numerous sustainable development networks.”

Paul has been at the helm of Monmouthshire County Council since 2009 and has steered the organisation through a number of innovation programmes, including the Infuse programme, which looks to build skills and capacity for innovative future public services across the Cardiff Capital region.

Upon his nomination, Paul Matthews said: “My recognition is just a reflection of the willingness of the citizens of Monmouthshire and outstanding colleagues to try different things and to care for their place. It’s everyone in this county together that makes a difference.”

Hazel Clatworthy drives environmental well-being projects in her sustainability policy role. This has included leading the council’s work on its Climate Emergency action plan and most recently working with colleagues and partners to put together a plan setting out how the council can contribute to protecting water quality, following the council’s “Motion for the Rivers and Ocean”.

As the Chair of Sustainable Development Co-ordinators Cymru+ she works closely with other local authorities and public bodies across Wales to share good practice on how to build social, economic, environmental and cultural wellbeing into decision making.

Hazel also works closely with local community groups promoting more sustainable living by running the Monmouthshire Community Climate Champions network, and has helped to set up a network of Libraries of Things or “Benthygs” and support Fairtrade Town groups.

Hazel said “It has been both humbling and exciting to be nominated as one of the Changemaker 100 list, but credit also has to go to my colleagues as well as the dozens of brilliant volunteers in our local communities who are all helping to build a more sustainable future for people in Monmouthshire”.

Peter Fox MS has warmly welcomed being named in a list of 100 people who are “making a positive difference to Wales”.

The list, which was put together by the outgoing Future Generations Commissioner Sophie Howe, aims to highlight the work of people who are making a difference, many of whom include climate activists, public sector workers and actors, including Michael Sheen.

Mr Fox was credited for his tireless work on the Food (Wales) Bill, which aims to introduce a sustainable food system for Wales.

He said:“I’m absolutely delighted to be named in the top 100 people who are making a positive difference to Wales.

“I’ve always striven to add value to everything that I do, and I hope my work in trying to strengthen the food system in Wales will enable us to tackle some of the most challenging issues in society.

A longstanding and experienced BBC journalist, longtime Abergavenny resident Sarah Dickens also joins the list as the first to be appointed as economics correspondent for BBC Wales. She has been reporting on the economy in the context of the climate emergency and has been part of the BBC Wales’ cost of living team.

Based in Brecon, Helen Lucocq is the was head of policy at BBNP ad was the driving force behind Brecon Beacons National Park Authority adopting the doughnut model as a way of making decisions.

She also developed the approach the park authority are taking to its emerging Local Development Plan, which aims to create ‘20-minute neighbourhoods’. She involved communities in the design of their future places through the Shape my Beacons toolkit, using art to paint a future vision.

Helen also involved children in the design for Hay-on-Wye using Minecraft; as a result, many of their ideas were incorporated into the plan for the town. Her enthusiasm and positive energy are contagious.

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