Residents living close to the new McDonald’s restaurant have voiced concern after finding litter strewn across the road and pavements reports.

After opening its doors last week, the iconic eatery has already proven popular, but a number of people - many of whom are fans of the fast food chain - have taken issue with litter they have found on the streets, dubbing the offenders ‘McLitter Louts’.

Graham Harris, of Llanellen, said he found McDonalds-branded litter discarded near his home on the same day the restaurant opened last week.

“The McLitter-Louts have already discarded their purchases in our lane. I understand McDonald’s is a multinational, so how do they contribute £27m to the local economy? Minimum wages, part-time work and zero hour contracts are real incentives to seeking employment?” asked Mr Harris.

“Still, more litter-picking staff will have to be employed to cater for the McLitter Louts, I suppose,” he said.

Another resident complained after finding more rubbish peppered across the street in Govilon.

Councillor Martin Hickman said that it was ‘early days’ and that he was assured any problems would be worked out.

“I am sure they will do anything they can — the last thing they would want is to come in and upset anyone. They employ litter pickers around the restaurant area and they keep the place tidy.

“I say give them a chance. If there ever was a problem, we’d sort it out. But I am confident it wouldn’t come to that,” he said.

MCC’s Recycling strategy and business manager, Carl Touhig said, “Officers from Monmouthshire’s Environmental Health and Waste and Street Services sections met with representatives of McDonalds prior to the opening of the outlet and discussed processes for keeping the immediate area free from litter.

“The McDonalds organisation has a very strong sense of corporate and community responsibility and has agreed to daily litter picks on and around the estate.

“It is important to remember that the problem is caused by inconsiderate individuals and where necessary the council will look to prosecute people that litter.”

The franchise owner was not available for comment at the time The Chronicle went to print.

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