A volunteer from Keep Abergavenny Tidy (KAT) has issued a heart-felt plea for town’s people to take more care of their own environment and stop fly-tipping and dumping litter.

“If you have any rubbish then bin it – or take it home,” was the strong message.

Volunteers were horrified to find bagsful of dumped dirty nappies during the latest community litter pick.

There were nearly 40 face masks, plus empty cans of coca cola, energy drinks, beer, lager and cider as well as McDonald’s milkshake and other drink containers with lids and straws.

The haul of 16 orange bags of general waste and four purple bags for recycling was collected during the monthly event by 12 members covering much of the town centre and green spaces such as Linda Vista gardens and Bailey Park.

At the Linda Vista entrance, one volunteer was saddened to find some “lovely children’s and ELC books and toys” from an opened large black plastic bag hidden underneath shrubs with its rain-sodden contents strewn around.

 The same volunteer found dirty nappies in three plastic carrier bags in the Byefield Lane lower car park, an abandoned Morrisons shopping trolley behind hand rails leading from the small Tudor Street car park down to Byefield Lane, and a shopping trolley full of used clothes on the south side of the Tudor Street car park.

Another shopping trolley, drugs packages and multiple cans were found in front of Bailey Park rugby stand.

Later, another member witnessed an elderly couple driving in their car slowing down to throw a full carrier bag of rubbish onto the Hardwick roundabout island.

“Please dispose of your rubbish responsibly or take it home,” said a KAT spokesman

“Report any unhygienic waste to Monmouthshire County Council.”

The next monthly community litter-pick will be held on Tuesday, November 2.

If you would like to get involved – or become a litter champion by clearing your favourite patch - please contact the coordinator by email on [email protected].  Check the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/AberLitter/ or Instagram https://www.instagram.com/aber_litter/