Crickhowell High School last week welcomed singer-songwriter Rich Cotterill who travels around UK schools performing songs about online safety and cyber bullying.

The programme, which is headed by a variety of artists like Rich, has visited more than 2,900 schools around the UK and received outstanding reviews.

On this occasion the unique performance, followed by messages about online safety and discrimination, was directed at Key Stage 3 students.

Rich Cotterill once taught music in schools around Devon. He has also supported some major artists including The Wanted and Olly Murs. He describes his music as feel good indie pop.

The main purpose of the school visits is to help students to make the right choices in regard to online safety and cyber bullying and to encourage them to treat everyone fairly, whether they have a different sexual preference or are of a different race, sex, or nationality.

Crickhowell High school has been pro-active in implementing an anti-bullying programme in the school which also teaches students to treat their peers with respect and to be tolerant of others who may be different from them.

The programme, ‘Community, Happiness, Safety’, seeks to educate students in all facets of bullying, including cyber bullying and to understand how the misuse of technology can have devastating consequences.

To continue with the theme last week, Year 7 took part in a day-long workshop that looked into issues relating to cyber bullying.

It culminated in the students creating a five minute drama based on a cyber bullying scenario watched by the police school liaison officer.

The programme has been implemented by Carole Phillips, Head of Year 7, following her return from the USA where she spent five weeks researching the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program in schools and correctional facilities.