In the latest stage in the campaign to take Wales’ tourism industry out of the hands the Welsh Government, the Welsh Parliament has voted to support the creation of a bill establishing a new board of tourism for Wales.

The purpose of Welsh Conservative Shadow Tourism Minister, and Senedd Member, Tom Giffard’s proposed bill would be to:

• revoke the Wales Tourist Board (Transfer of Functions to the National Assembly for Wales and Abolition) Order 2005;

• create a new board of tourism for Wales;

• transfer the functions of Visit Wales and associated Welsh Government powers to the new board, including but not exclusive to:

• encourage people to visit Wales and people living in Wales and the United Kingdom to take their holidays there;

• encourage the provision and improvement of tourist amenities and facilities in Wales;

• promotion of publicity;

• provision of advisory and information services; and

• establishment of committees to advise it in the performance of its functions.

Commenting on the success of the vote, Tom Giffard said: “The support of the Senedd is a clear, cross-party indication for the Welsh Government to take this proposal forward and deliver a truly independent tourism board for Wales.

“It is not right that the agency tasked with promoting our tourism sector is under the control a Labour Government that is intent on discouraging visitors to Wales.

“With 1 in 7 jobs relying on tourism in Wales, Labour is damaging the sector with their toxic tourism tax and crippling changes to self-catering accommodation, putting thousands of Welsh jobs at risk.

“Sadly, this vote is not binding on the Welsh Government, however, I hope that the strength of feeling on this issue displayed in the Senedd chamber will inspire them to act,” he added.