Exciting new changes are on the horizon as Abergavenny post office announce their prospective transfer to the Ryman Abergavenny store.

Ryman has been working in partnership with The Post Office for over thirty years with six stores nationally. Residents are to be rest assured that if the Ryman and Post Office collaboration does expand to Abergavenny, all employees from the current post office location will be offered a position at the Ryman store – maintaining familiarity.

There will however, be a number of changes. As part of the Ryman store, the current post office would increase its trading hours by five a week; operating with two main counters and a combined till. Saturday closing time will also be extended to 17:30, with an extra five hours of trading and no closure during lunch time.

It should be noted that the Monday to Friday hours will remain the same.

All current post office services, excluding the Royal Mail customer service point, would be transferred over the Ryman, therefore customers will receive the same offerings.

To accommodate the post office moving into the Ryman stores, plans have been drafted to create extra space for the post office counters and queuing area. This will be achieved by building into an existing storeroom; the remainder of the sales floor and store front will also see an upgrade.