AS large swathes of Abergavenny are enjoying a timely facelift in preparation for the National Eisteddfod, mindless yobs were indulging in a little handiwork of their own last night and turning the popular Pen-y-Fal footbridge into a potential death-trap.

The Chronicle has been inundated with calls from concerned residents that the old Ross road footbridge which crosses the River Gavenny and leads to Pen-y-Fal had been damaged in such a way as to make it extremely unsafe, especially for young children and dogs.

On Monday morning Abergavenny man Nigel Jarrett got in touch with the Chronicle and explained, “Most of the wooden uprights supporting the handrail have been either kicked or pulled off and thrown in the river, transforming what was a picturesque and popular bridge into a death-trap for young children.

“There are now large gaps all along the side of the bridge which a small child could easily fall through.

“I’ve tried contacting Monmouthshire County Council to report it as a health and safety issue but found it difficult to get through to the relevant department.”

Keen to prevent a serious accident from taking place, the Chronicle contacted MCC, who have since promised to look into the matter immediately.

For more on this story and to find out what MCC did next see this week’s Chronicle. In the meantime, if you have to cross the bridge, proceed with caution.