My weekend began with a crucial mission at Lanbadoc Island with ‘Usk Together for the Climate’, a remarkable group passionate about preserving our planet. Together, with help from the Gwent Wildlife Trust, we took part in ‘balsam bashing’ on the River Usk.

Himalayan Balsam likes to grow near our rivers. It is very invasive and threatens native plants, and so it needs controlling. Each flower releases 500 seeds, which explode into the river and travel downstream, so pulling the plants before flowering is vital. The plants are left to dry on site as removing them could spread them further.

I share the groups passion for fighting climate change. If we want to preserve our beautiful countryside for future generations, we must clean up rivers in the UK, promote sustainable agriculture while helping farmers make ends meet, and invest in renewable energy. I'm pleased that a UK Labour government will turbo-charge plans already underway in Wales to invest in renewable energy infrastructure and ensure that energy profits created in Wales stay in Wales.

Labour's Green Prosperity Plan will benefit Monmouthshire by saving £300 off the average energy bill for families and bringing more than 29,000 jobs to Wales. Our Warm Homes Plan will insulate hundreds of thousands of homes. I am proud to be a member of a party that takes the environment so seriously.