Abergavenny Town Mayor and Cllr Tudor Thomas has released the following message this festive season.

"It is a great honour to be Mayor of Abergavenny. I am enjoying the role and meeting so many interesting people across the town. One of the first events I was able to attend was the Shire Horse Show in July and it was a joy to see people out and about in Bailey Park, enjoying not just the show but each other’s company. The same applied to Abergavenny Food Festival when again people were just glad to be set free to wander and socialise with each other.

I was so impressed by the help I received from the business community who donated such wonderful prizes, when I ran my charity raffle in the Autumn which was drawn at the Music in the Market event, a collaboration between the Round Table and The Mayor’s Charities. Between this raising £1400 and other donations my charity fund has grown substantially. I hope to add to this fund over the next four months of my term of office.

I was so glad we could hold our traditional Remembrance Service with a huge presence from all sections of the armed forces and voluntary groups and young people. The weather was warm and dry and the Service was a fitting tribute to the men and women from the town and surrounding areas who died during the two world wars as well as more recent conflicts.

My wife and I have attended many events across the town, meeting and talking to a wide variety of people. We have been impressed by the range of activities being supported and developed by members of the public and particularly the resilience and kindness displayed during the adversity of the Covid Pandemic and their ability to help each other. An environment which has continued in the community in many cases.

The Christmas lights have been appreciated and have encouraged people into the town to shop and enjoy food and refreshments. The large reindeer in St John’s Square has proved to be very popular across the whole age range. It has complimented the initiative by the traders in Nevill Street which I was happy to launch. I was in town on Saturday and it was such a pleasure to see so many people out and about, enjoying all the town has to offer and shopping locally.

We all need to strive to keep safe and well during these difficult times. But I am confident that as a resilient town and community we will face the new variant with common sense and fortitude ! I wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"