I have today (Sunday, March 28) resigned from the Welsh Conservative Party and the Welsh Conservative Group in the Senedd.

I have been growing increasingly disillusioned with aspects of the direction of the Conservative Party and its movement away from the centre-ground of UK politics.

I’ve also been concerned about a bullying culture emanating from some elements of the party. On that note, I’m grateful to those members of the Welsh Conservative group and other political parties who have shown my family and I personal support in recent years.

It has been a privilege to represent the interests of the Monmouth Constituency in the Welsh Parliament over the last 14 years and I am proud to have been involved in many successful campaigns including the fight to “Save Monmouthshire” from abolition and more recently the successful campaign for better housing adaptations for people with MND.

As a Senedd Member, I’ve found that a commitment to constructive politics has always been in the best interests of the people I represent.

The people of the Monmouth constituency have persevered through the Covid-19 pandemic, whilst lives and livelihoods have hung in the balance.

They’ve fought back with displays of solidarity, friendship and resilience and the next Welsh Government must respond with policies that enable our communities, particularly our rural communities, to flourish.

We must build back better and fairer. We have an opportunity as we emerge from the pandemic to rebuild the economy on a more sustainable footing that delivers for future generations.

We must stop paying lip service to issues like climate change and start making progress – avoiding short-term solutions to problems and developing longer-term strategies to deliver the cultural and behavioural change we all want to see.

Just as the pandemic has been unjust, at times our politics has too. And that’s why we must strive to create a Wales that at its heart prides itself on wellbeing and kindness and opposes injustice and intolerance.

I’d like to thank the very many people who have contacted me with good wishes over the last few months and have expressed a desire for me to continue in my role as their MS.

I will continue to represent the Monmouth Constituency in the Senedd as an independent member until dissolution and I can confirm I will be fighting the forthcoming Senedd election on an independent platform, a platform for real change.

Nick Ramsay

Nick Ramsay MS

Welsh Parliament

Cardiff Bay