MONMOUTH MP David Davies has been formally readopted as the constituency’s Conservative Party parliamentary candidate.

The decision was made by Monmouth Conservative Association members on Wednesday, with those present unanimously voting in favour of Mr Davies returning to fight the general election on June 8.

The 46 year-old, who was not challenged for the position, has been the MP for Monmouth since 2005. He lives in Osbaston with his wife Aliz and their three children.

Speaking after the reselection meeting held at Usk Conservative Club, Mr Davies said, “I am absolutely honoured and delighted to be seeking re-election and I am very grateful to those who have once again placed their trust in me.

“I read in the papers that the polls are looking quite good but I take absolutely no notice of them. There is zero room for complacency and as a candidate I will be out campaigning every day to secure a Conservative victory.

“The alternative of having Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and Diane Abbott in charge of our economy, defence, immigration and policing is a horrendous prospect and we cannot take anything for granted.

“Theresa May is offering strong and stable leadership and as somebody who has had the privilege of working with her for 12 years, I consider her to be a trustworthy person and a fantastic Prime Minister.”

Monmouth Conservative Association chairman Christopher Edwards added: “David has served the Monmouth constituency with great distinction over the past 18 years, both as an MP and as the former Welsh Assembly Member.

“He is hardworking, approachable and fearless in representing the views of his constituents in Parliament, as opposed to representing the views of Parliament in the constituency.

“David has also inspired many activists, some of whom are standing for the first time in the local government elections this month.

“As an association, we are very much looking forward to coming together again for the general election campaign to ensure that David remains the strong voice for the Monmouth constituency.”