IF a man without faith is like a fish without a bicycle, what’s a parrot who rides a bike? Well, the bright green one leaving Abergavenny this morning like a bat out of hell was a fundraiser called Kiki.

The brightly coloured leader of the pack, perched proudly on the handlebars of the lead bike, was leading a gang of cyclists who have just embarked on a 240-mile bicycle trek to raise money for Asthma and Lung UK.

Joining the ride from Abergavenny to Camborne is Monmouthshire Golf Club Captain Mel Sussex, whose grandson Gavin Hocking tragically died from an asthma attack aged just 17, and in whose memory the group are cycling.

At 74, Mel Sussex is the most senior rider in the family team and also an asthma sufferer, but he was determined to participate in the ride.

He explained, “I'm riding to honour Gavin’s memory and to highlight the vital work of Asthma and Lung UK in the fight for everyone’s right to breathe.

“I particularly want to raise money for children who suffer from this debilitating condition. Every pound we raise will take us a step closer to a world where everyone has healthy lungs.”

Joining Mel on the journey will be his son Bradley Sussex, son-in-law Mark Edwards, nephew Sam Blowers, and brother-in-law and Andover resident Paul Blowers.

Cycle team
(Team Parrot! Pic Supplied )

Paul, whose two sons Sam, and Ben are also asthma sufferers, said, “One in five of us will develop a lung condition during our lifetime. Asthma nearly took Sam’s life when he was young, but he was saved, thanks to advances in medicine. Sadly, Gavin was not so fortunate. Along with his grandad, Mel, and other family members, we will ride in his memory.”

Cycle Team
(Team Parrot spread their wings! Pic Supplied )

Paul added, “Abergavenny is where Mel lives and Gavin’s home was in Camborne, so cycling between the two towns seemed the most appropriate journey to undertake.”

Paul is also the proud owner of Kiki the parrot who has long enjoyed the wind whistling through his feathers as he rides on Paul’s bike near his Hampshire home. Now he is set for his longest journey yet – a marathon for man and bird!

Fly like the wind all and have a safe trip!

To support Kiki and his non-feathered peloton please go to: www.justgiving.com