A local resident has started a petition for a specific site in Abergavenny to become a permanent legal wall for graffiti and street art.

Following a recent sharp uptake of graffiti pieces and tags appearing in the town and surrounding areas, Frankie Winters has launched a petition for a permanent place for graffiti artists, both local and from other areas to showcase their work, without fear of legal consequence.

Through the petition, Frankie is proposing the site of the underpass tunnel between Llanfoist Cemetery and Abergavenny Garden Centre to be used as the location for the graffiti and street art.

Writing online, Frankie said: “In areas with a legal place for graffiti, there’s always a huge decrease in wanton vandalism and graffiti as it has a dedicated spot to be done in. Which will remove the need for pieces to be removed from Abergavenny’s’ Town walls and the cost that comes with the removal.

“The underpass tunnel in Llanfoist has more than adequate space, ventilation and won’t interfere with any local residents or business.

‘‘It is out of sight to the public and to any tourists and visitors to the Abergavenny area.

‘‘The tunnel has suitable length and height to serve as a legal wall, without the cost of constructing one solely for this purpose.”

“Upkeep and litter removal will be undertaken by myself, as someone who would frequently be down there to monitor it, to make sure there are no wrongdoings or anti-social behaviour.

Frankie added: “I have had some great feedback and support from local residents and as an artist myself just want to show people that when this from of artwork is done right, it can be appreciated by all.

“A designated graffiti wall would provide artists with a safe and legal place to express themselves, and show people that it can be a respectful from of art.”

The petition which will be sent to Monmouthshire County Council was started on January 11 and has already received 103 signatures and much support on social media with many people commenting on it being a good idea in utilising a space reserved for street art and preventing other facilities in town being defaced.

Speaking to the Chronicle about the proposal, Abergavenny Town Mayor Tudor Thomas said: “I think it is an idea worth thinking about in discussion with staff at MCC and the Town Council.

‘‘My main concern would be that possibly unpleasant and abusive graffiti might appear.

“The current graffiti in Abergavenny is having quite a negative effect on the appearance of the town. The Town Council is calling a meeting of all interested parties to tackle the problem and increased vandalism.

“I know that Bristol City have commissioned graffiti artists to produce graffiti wall art on the way into the city which is aesthetically pleasing and does not appear to be defaced by amateur graffiti artists and graffiti panels were trialled at the skate park in Abergavenny quite successfully.”