This morning in Abergavenny, the conditions will be cool with scattered showers nearby.

The morning temperature will be around 17°C.

Moving into the afternoon, the scattered showers will continue, and the maximum temperature will reach 17°C.

Tomorrow morning, the weather will cool down to 11°C with scattered showers still in the vicinity.

Comparing to today, the morning will be cooler.

In the afternoon, the temperature will rise slightly to 15°C, but scattered showers will persist.

Overall, the day will be cooler with scattered showers throughout, ranging from a minimum of 11°C to a maximum of 15°C.

Over the next few days, the general trend shows a continuation of scattered showers with temperatures fluctuating around 16°C.

The minimum temperature will be around 11°C, and the maximum temperature will reach up to 16°C, maintaining cool and wet conditions.

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