NMAN Trust, Llangattock Community Woodlands has installed a defibrillator and cabinet at their base in Llangattock. 

This latest addition to the facilities also includes a composting toilet and all weather cover for the seated area. 

Jackie Charlton, Chair of Llangattock Community Woodlands said “We would like to thank the Greenman Trust for their generosity in funding this defibrillator. We hope it will never be used but it gives us peace of mind to know that we have this bit of life saving kit on site just in case. I would also like to thank Kerry Crosfield from Crickhowell Volunteer Bureau for her assistance with purchasing the equipment and providing training on its use.” 

The defibrillator will be registered with the Welsh Ambulance Service and available for anyone to use if needed. 

Llangattock Community Woodlands is a charity offering rewarding and stimulating activities for people of all ages from Crickhowell, Llangattock and surrounding area who have a passion for trees and nature. 

The organisation actively manages five woodlands, including the woodland base in Llangattock where the defibrillator has been installed and where most activities by the charity take place.

Any new volunteers are welcome to join and will be provided with all PPE, training and refreshments. 

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