WHILE some battle with the ill effects of heavy rain, for one Llanfoist resident, flooding is a common occurrence.

Sylvia Dutson and her son have lived in Llanfoist for four years, and with each heavy bout of rain, the lane outside their house is flooded by surface water.

She said, “Neither the council’s highways department, nor our housing agency have been able to offer a solution to the problem in all the time we have been here, it’s really frustrating.”

Mrs Dutson and her son have been given sandbags to prevent the surface water spilling into their front garden, but she wishes that more could be done to prevent the flooding, suggesting that the pavement should be raised so that water doesn’t pool there.

She added, “I’m grateful to MP David Davies, and local councillor Martin Hickman, they have been very supportive to us.”

Martin Hickman was regretful about the situation.

“The council’s highways department have visited Mrs Dutson’s street and inspected the drains, removing any blockages they found.

“Beyond that they simply don’t have the money to spend on elevating the pavement to stop the water gathering, they have to prioritise main roads as their budget is cut every year,” he said.

Councillor Hickman added that although the flooding outside Mrs Dutson’s house is an inconvenience, the rain water does eventually drain away.

Geraint House, from Monmouthshire Housing Association, was also sympathetic about the situation.

He said, “The lane in front of Mrs Dutson’s house is outside of our ownership, and in the care of the local council.

“However, we try to help all of our tenants as best we can with issues surrounding their properties, and if Mrs Dutson wishes, we can contact the council on her behalf.”