Age Cymru is urging the Welsh Government to limit the rise in social care costs to inflationary levels. The charity warns that if government proposals go ahead older people could face an increase in their care bills of between £15 and £25 per week, or up to £1,300 a year, to continue their current levels of support. 

 Currently the maximum amount people have to pay for their social care at home is limited to £100 per week under the ‘Fairer Charging’ rules in Wales. 

 Age Cymru’s chief executive Victoria Lloyd says “We’re worried that an increase in care costs will lead to some older people reducing or even cancelling the support services that are currently keeping them safe and well.  Many older people live on low, fixed incomes, and are already facing higher food and energy bills as well as significant hikes in council tax.  

“This could have significant impacts on older people’s wellbeing in all parts of Wales by making care more expensive and impacting the funds individuals have to cover other increasing costs. It may also create additional pressures for both health and social care further down the line. 

 “The social care system and the way we pay for care both need fundamental change. Seeking to raise additional money from those who need care will do little to achieve the investment needed to transform services.”   

 In its 2024 survey of more than 1300 older people Age Cymru also found issues with the current system with 52 per cent saying it was difficult or very difficult to understand the charging policy.